10 steps for a healthier life!

healthy-lifeMany women are wondering what are some secrets that can keep them in a good condition and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In this blog, I am going to share with you some piece of advice and tips that come from research that I have been conducting lately out of self-interest and also from things that I have done for myself in order to improve my image and lifestyle in general.

In this post, I am going to briefly discuss some of the different choices that each and every woman has and should follow as a starting point. Later on, I will pick some of the most significant ones and dedicate a post for each one, in order to develop a longer discussion that can help you benefit from them!

To start with, I read a very interesting article in the electronic form of “Women’s Health” magazine, with a list of 30 things that each woman should do by the age of 30 in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I will devote a post for each one of them later on.

I chose some of the most important from my viewpoint and I am going to briefly present them below:

  1. Find a workout program that you enjoy
  2. (Learn how to) love your body
  3. Drink more water
  4. Find recipes of healthy dishes
  5. Do not start smoking, or quit smoking if you already do
  6. Do regular health checks
  7. Go offline regularly
  8. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours per night
  9. Ditch the food guilt
  10. Protect your heart

Those are some of the most important steps of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They do not guarantee absolute success, yet they will certainly minimize the damaging factors and help our body function properly!


30 Health Choices All Women Should Make By Age 30



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