From words to Action… at home!


I chose to start from a “long chapter” that all of us I am sure have passed from even for at least once in our lives! And of course I am talking about gym. It is an activity that according to my opinion either you love it or you hate it.

However, there are some ways that can make our lives easier through this process. I am sure this sounds a little bit odd, but there are tips and little secrets that can soften our hatred towards fitness activities!

I would like to start from a big truth that we all disregard. There is not a single person that will say that he/she did not enjoy a fitness workout program (of any kind), after its end. This happens because -as many of you know- during exercising, our bodies produce endorphin, which helps A LOT our psychology. Lets see some of the most common changes that happen to our bodies during and after a workout session:

  • mood improvement
  • stress reduction
  • self-esteem improvement
  • self-satisfaction increase
  • depression symptoms decrease

The good part is that 10 minutes of aerobic exercise are enough to feel some or all of the above and for even more permanent results, 30 minutes of moderate workout, 3 times per week, can ensure long-term benefits!

The reason I told you all that is because I am a lazy lady and I never liked gym at all! However, I noticed all of the above psychological changes happen inside me, every time I worked out! And there are a lot more of the ones I refer to, but I chose to refer to the ones that I felt, of course nothing is the same for everyone! Thus, during my experience, of course I did not change my mind towards fitness and workout, BUT it worked as a motivation for me and I try to find some time during the week that I dedicate, not to gym, but to myself and a better version of me!

As of the actual… action, I have some different workout programs that I have followed which helped me enough. And this is where the big secret lies between. Of course it is not the easiest thing on earth to start working out for many hours or, many times per week, however a brief introduction to workout programs that fit your body and needs, can assure the satisfactory results. Especially for girls and women until their 30’s, exercising is the best way to control and improve our metabolism and help our body. This will end up to fat decrease and muscle mass increase!
So, for people who get bored with the long-tiring-difficult-sweaty programs, or even for those who cannot afford or find the time to go to the gym, there are quite a lot of programs online, for every type of boy, needs and of any taste.

Below you will find some of the most common and well-known types of exercise that I have found and followed at least once and can be also done at home, so that we do not anymore have an excuse to avoid the:

1. TRX -which stands for “Total body Resistance Exercise”- is a kind of weight lifting exercise in which you use your own body’s weight! Quite interesting, different, yet difficult to accomplish, but it can have great results! I have tried it many times weekly and this is why I say that it is difficult, because the more you weigh, the more difficult it is for you to complete the exercises. So, it is best if it is combined with some kind of aerobic exercise. It can be done at home with a pair of belts.

Below you will find a video of a TRX workout session.

2. Another workout program that has gained a lot of success and espousal, is pilates. Pilates is a flexibility and strength form of exercise. It mainly promotes physical and mental well-being and can also help the recovery of injuries as it works on balance, stability and posture. However, it is not a kind of training that can promise the greatest results on its own. Ideally, it should be combined with another kind of weekly exercise in order to have the best results.

Pilates is mainly a training program that needs the necessary equipment, however it could also be completed at home and following you will find a version with at-home-session.


3. The final kind of exercise that I will refer to and which can also be practiced at home, is Zumba! Zumba is a training program which combines latin dance moves in a choreography dressed with music and aerobic movements. It is as exciting and amusing as it gets! I have tried it only at home, following youtube videos which work just fine! So, warm up and get ready to dance and lose many calories!


Those are some of the programs to start with and do not require a lot of time and prior experience, but can promise great results!

I will be waiting for your opinions and feedback on this post and I will be very happy to respond and receive advice that will make my blog better! 🙂

Reminder: Don’t forget that we do not work out for other people but for people around us, but for ourselves!

3, 2, 1, action!


Psychological Benefits of Exercise

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