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I have already talked to you about some -easy to do at home- workout programs in my second article. This article I am now posting contains a piece of advice which was the second one I gave you on my very first article in this blog regarding the 10 steps for a healthier life! I am not gonna lie, this “love yourself” is the story of my life and the main reason I chose my blog to be diverted around that matter of healthy lifestyle which is what keeps me alert for like a year now. It is a thing that we all keep for ourselves more or less, but I am sure that many of you are not very happy about your image. This was myself more or less the last 21 years until I decided to change that. I have briefly explained this story in the “About me” section but now I am going to explain everything from start to end.

The last 3 and a half years, I was very worried about my image. My body type is the Mediterranean type, so I have loose hips and thin waist. This is something I knew from the beginning that will not change no matter how thin or fat I would be. But, as the years were passing, I had started to lose control of what I was eating and I ended up eating huge portions of food and a lot of chocolate which clearly left me with something like 78 kgs. This was the result of 3 years of eating uncontrollably without understanding what was going to happen.

Later on, I started realizing that none of the old clothes I had could fit on me, it was difficult for me to workout and many other things that kept dissapointing me on and on. In the past I had tried multiple times to follow a diet unsuccessfully, until the 20th of March 2016 when I decided that this could not continue like this. This was the day when I went to the gym and I asked a fitness instructor to help me measure my weigh and it was when I realized what I had done to myself. The more I was getting dissapointed the more I ate unhealthy and this is when I decided to address to a dietician to help me become the girl I once was.

The first meeting was on the 22nd of March and I remember it like it was yesterday. He told me that I weigh 77.8 kgs with high fat percentage that should be decreased. He was a little bit strict towards me as he wondered how a 21 years old girl had left herself gain 10 kgs above the normal BMI. We discussed a little bit the things I had planned to do and he suggested me to lose more than 15 kgs! This was a shock for me first of all because it showed me how far I had gone and secondly because I did not expect to be able to lose so many kilos.

We started creating fitness schedules for a week when we would meet again, as usual. I was very happy and excited from the first day we met because I knew that this would be the beginning of a new era for me, where I would try my best to become the version of Maria that I wanted to become.

During the first week, I managed to lose 2 kgs which was quite normal but positive as well. The thing that was strange to me was the fact that I was so punctual that I did not expect to be. I was measuring everything I was eating and soon enough I was feeling great with the amount of food I was eating. Of course from a point and on, anything similar to chocolate was not even heard as a word, but the decision I had made was so strong and deliberate, that people were eating any kind of sweets in front of me and I did not even bother looking at them!

Soon enough, on the 25th of April -1 month after- I had managed to lose 5 kgs, which was a spectacular thing for me, because this was the proof that when I decide to do something, I am able to follow it until the last moment with major success. This period was during Easter which was another big deal for me, because I met many people in Kythira -the island I come from- where they told me how spectacular and quick was the change they saw on me.

In the middle of June, after almost 3 months of sacrifice and careful choices, I lost 10 kgs! This was my goal with which I started all this effort. The moment I measured my weigh and the scale showed 67, was one of the happiest moments in my life, that I felt proud of myself and I also felt strong to overcome any difficulty and achieve everything that I wanted to!

It may sound too cliché, or extreme, but this achievement can totally change the way you feel not only about your body image -which for sure is important- but also about the potential and capabilities that each of us have to achieve even the things that seem the most difficult to us!

Today, I weigh 64,5 kgs which I try and maintain more or less with slight changes in my everyday nutrition according to what my scale shows. Ideally, I would like to lose another 3-4 kgs but my body was fed up after those months of deprivation of things I like, so now I enjoy all of them witout guilt, but I am always aware of my body changes and I continuously control my weigh in order not to gain kgs again.

It is very important for me to note that during the whole process until today, weekly exercise of all types was inextricably linked with the effort I made with the dietician and this is something that both sides have told me. Both my dietician and my fitness advisor told me that exercise and nutrition are indissoluble the one with the other.

I know that all of the above do not touch each and every one of you because every person belongs into different categories and groups and faces a lot of different problems, but this was the most recent and significant story for myself, which has become a major experience for me and I now felt ready to share it with you, along with some pictures of before and after -that I always loved seeing from others ;)- so that you can understand the importance of goals in our lives and through this article my main aim is to prove to you that nothing is impossible!

Believe me, nothing is easy until WE decide to do it. There is nothing that we cannot do if we don’t decide to! 

So start establishing your own goals and soon you will learn throughout this process how to love yourselves the way you are! 


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