My whole meal program for today!

I decided to write a different post for today, which might interest you, with my meals for the whole day! I chose to post something different in order to show you a small sample of my healthy eating program. Advertisements

10 Motivational Workout Quotes!

After I posted my Motivation Boost post, I realized the great reaction that you had and the engagement it created, so as an addition, I decided to post another one with my favorite motivational fitness and workout quotes!

Motivation Boost!

Hello girls! This post contains a lot of power and motivation for all of you! As I have told you from the very first posts of this blog (you can see here), gym is not a thing that all of the people enjoy. Some people love working out and some other don’t. There are also…

Healthy Breakfast

The breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day. It is the one that will provide to us the energy we need in order to start our days positively. I have also talked briefly about breakfast in my New year’s Resolutions! But in this post I will be more specific and I will…

A list of easy exercises for weigh loss and fat burn!

Hello girls! I hope that this article finds you all well! I know that the latest posts have been mostly about little secrets and I have been done a lot of talking lately, but this is why in this post, I will give you tips and important advice about exercise and workout programs that will help…