A list of easy exercises for weigh loss and fat burn!


Hello girls!

I hope that this article finds you all well! I know that the latest posts have been mostly about little secrets and I have been done a lot of talking lately, but this is why in this post, I will give you tips and important advice about exercise and workout programs that will help you burn fat! Remember that because I know from myself that we are most of the times bored to go to the gym, I will provide you with exercises that you can benefit from without having to go to the gym. So, stay tuned because I will give you all the tips and videos you need to start now!

  • To begin with, one of the best and quick little exercises that help you strengthen almost the whole body and burn fat easily, is rope jumping. Since it is not a totally exhausting exercises, it is good to repeat it with as many sets as you can. Of course do not over do it, this is never good for our health and body! So, for example 6 sets of 1 minute, or 4 sets of 1 and a half to 2 minutes, everyday will be great!
    You can find a video that will guide you through it below:
  • Squats, the well-known and beloved ones to all of us, may be quite exhausting for those not used to this kind of exercise, but they are one of the most effective exercises that guarantee the results that you will see on your body.
  • Cycling is one of the most well-known aerobic, it follows the same logic of the treadmill, and this is why it is widely used as a warming-up method. It is also beneficial for all of us, as it is a relaxing way of going out instead of a simple walking or running session. The best combination would be 3 times weekly frequency, for 30-45 minutes duration. 

In order to end this post in the best way, I have 2 bonus sessions that last a bit longer but can totally be performed at home and if they are repeated in a weekly basis can promise to you the image you wish for yourselves.

The first one is 37 minute cardio workout for weight loss. It is a little bit tiring but it is fantastic!

The second one will be the same effective but more amusing! Is there anything better than combining working out with music? The answer is no and this is why I chose the following video for you!

I hope that you will enjoy all of the above tips and exercises and as usual, I am waiting for your opinions!


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