Motivation Boost!


Hello girls! This post contains a lot of power and motivation for all of you!

As I have told you from the very first posts of this blog (you can see here), gym is not a thing that all of the people enjoy. Some people love working out and some other don’t. There are also some other cases in which there are days during which we don’t always feel like working out. But there are some ways that can boost our psychology and help us move forward and start working out.

  1. A tip that I have tried many times -and for me it works perfectly- is hang a picture of mine next to a woman I admire, or a picture of me when I had the weight of my goal. This is a way to portray the ideal image and keep a track of it.
  2. A second similar way of motivation is creating a folder of pictures with yourself after each workout in order to keep track of your progress.
  3. Something that works more than anything else for me, is buying new clothes and shoes for the gym. Whenever I buy something new, I want to wear it immediately and this lasts for a long time, so it is a great incentive to help you work out more often!
  4. Whenever I have a reason -reasonable or not- to skip a workout session, I ask myself: “Will I regret skipping?” If the answer is Yes, then it’s not the right choice. So, think carefully before skipping any -big or small- workout session.
  5. Try some workout sessions in groups or with friends. I always believed that working out with a significant other, is very significant, someone you love will always motivate you and vice versa, not only due to the company that your beloved ones offer to you, but also in order to boost you psychology as well.
  6.  I have told you again in this article that post-exercise endorphin rush makes me feel a lot better than when I started working out. It is the great way to recall that each time you think of skipping or you are just bored to work out!
  7. Give yourself some motivational challenges. For example what I did for myself was that during my workout session in the gym I was putting some goals before starting. Like for example, I was saying to myself that I will complete a 20 or 30′ session in a specific exercise. See below:Snapchat-874081103
    I think that the results worth the try and you should always remember that a healthier lifestyle is always our main goal so work for it NOW! 🙂

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