My whole meal program for today!

I decided to write a different post for today, which might interest you, with my meals for the whole day! I chose to post something different in order to show you a small sample of my healthy eating program.

  • For breakfast I chose to eat my favorite, the one I showed you in the post Healthy Breakfast! It gave me the necessary energy as it was a day full of work and responsibilities.20170322_165458
  • For brunch, I had a banana with me, which is full of vitamins and high in energy.
  • My lunch was one of my favorites, salmon with rice. A very healthy and high in omega vitamins food, without having to forfeit carbohydrates. It was delicious and of course it was accompanied with my favorite salad! 🙂
  • My afternoon snack was a serial bar, rich in fibres.
  • For dinner, I chose a greek salad with cucumber, tomato, pepper, 3-4 olives, onions and feta cheese.

This is a program I follow whenever I want to lose some weight and I feel that I have eaten more than I should and lately I have eaten a little bit more than normally, so I chose to follow this balanced program.

I hope that it can help you as well.

Until the next post, eat healthy and don’t forget, we should always start with small moves to reach a healthier lifestyle!



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