About me

My name is Maria Petrocheilou, I am Greek and I am currently a senior undergraduate student of Communications.

This blog is about healthy lifestyle choices that can offer to us a better version of ourselves! This blog has plenty of different lifestyle choices that have to do with workout tips and suggestions, secret nutrition choices and diet tips that can help us perform better results for our bodies.

This blog has mostly to do with women and the reason why I chose this topic is that during the last year I followed a diet and through this process that lasted more or less 4 months, I managed to lose 14 kgs. It was one of the most didactic and significant efforts in my life in which I accomplished my goal and I am proud of myself and willing to share my experience with other women who face similar situations. So, what I have to offer to you is not only proven effective choices, but also personal experience that helped me throughout this stage of my life and finally tips to maintain the results of such an effort!

So, stay tuned because I will keep posting new content. 🙂